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Rates & Billing

At IOWORKS, our hourly rates are fixed and projects are estimated on the level of work. There are never any invoice surprises or hidden fees or surcharges - we believe that surprises should be left for birthday parties, April 15th, and the occasional winning lotto ticket.


On-Site & Remote Services.

At IOWORKS we have different hourly rates for businesses and home users. This is due to the varying levels of complexity and skillset needed between the respective IT infrastructures. Discounts for prepaid time blocks and high-volume clients are available.


Project Pricing.

Certain involved procedures and off-site (in the workshop) projects can be estimated ahead of time and a fixed-cost can be assigned to the project.

Please keep in mind that project quotes are estimates - estimates may change once in-depth examination has

been completed. Clients are always informed of estimate adjustments prior to the start of any work.



Pay Your Bill Online!

IOWORKS clients can now pay their bill online - quickly, easily, and securely. IOWORKS has teamed up with PaySimple to handle all credit card and ACH (direct withdrawl) transactions.

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